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Guest on & then write podcast

Part of what separates a good writer from a great writer is their ability to not only draw inspiration from a wide variety of sources - some truly unexpected places - but also their ability to pivot creatively when life decides to throw some serious curveballs. Guest Angela Santillo personifies the phrase “embracing the unexpected,” and joins me today on the podcast.

Nonfiction Published in Burningword Literary Journal 


My flash nonfiction piece “Privileged” was published in their October 2019 issue.

Announcing an Eight Episode Series: And Then Suddenly; Rising Voice(s)

And Then Suddnily,; (1).png

This special series of episodes features conversations with partners from Voice. Based in Africa and Asia, these individuals -often leaders of organizations or small groups- are working tirelessly to ensure that their own voices as well as those they represent are at the table and not on the menu. The moments they share are their very own and the conversations are impromptu and candid.

About Voice:
Voice is an innovative grant facility that promotes inclusion and diversity in Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines and Indonesia. It aims to amplify and connect thus far unheard voices in efforts to leave no one behind based on the principle of Nothing About Us Without Us.

One Year of And Then Suddenly


And Then Suddenly premiered last year on September 17. Almost forty episodes in and thousands of downloads later, it has been quite the ride. I have talked with guests about meeting the one, unexpected loss, the complexity of parenthood, shocking trauma, the supernatural, and artistic obsessions. I have covered issues affecting women, veterans, the disabled, the LGBTQIA community, and the mind. My guests have shared their relationships to race, fashion, gun violence, podcasting, entrepreneurship, and so much more. Stay tuned for more!

2019 Pushcart Prize Nomination


Exposition Review has nominated my nonfiction piece, Everything I Could Dump Into a Prologue, for a 2020 Pushcart Nomination.

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Attended Conveying Science Through Art: A Public Engagement Workshop


In September, I was accepted into Conveying Science Through Art: A Public Engagement Workshop, a 3-day workshop and 2-day field experience with Guerrilla Science at the New York Academy of Sciences.

About the workshop:

Many people who believe that science is “not for them”, have only ever encountered it via formal, largely passive, classroom experiences. The New York Academy of Sciences, in partnership with Guerilla Science and Pratt Institute, wants to change that. This 3-day workshop is for individuals interested in creating experiences that mix science with art, music and play, to introduce new audiences to the excitement of scientific discovery.

Nonfiction Residency at Vermont Studio Center


I returned to Vermont Studio Center to continue working on a memoir about illness and recovery for two weeks in January, 2019.


2018 Finalist: Mission to (dit)mars Propulsion Lab

410 Days Later published by Smith and Krause

410 Days Later was included an the anthology, 105 Five-Minute Plays for Study and Performance, edited by John Capecci and Irene Ziegler. Publication date: August, 2016