Love in a Heat Death Universe,  directed by Randolph Curtis Rand, Chicago Fringe Festival

Love in a Heat Death Universe, directed by Randolph Curtis Rand, Chicago Fringe Festival

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Exposition Review
Everything I Could Dump Into a Prologue 


+ Full Length

7 person cast: 4M, 3W
Los Angeles, a city of earthquakes. An earth empath knows when the next one is coming. Nature is going crazy, fault lines keep eating In and Out, and if she could only convince a grad student from CalTech that her prediction is right, she might survive the next “Big One.”

8 person cast: 3M, 5W
Somewhere in suburbia, there is a body problem. Parts of women have been turning up in schoolyards, cul-de-sacs, and backyards. Another Jane Doe has been found radiating in a microwave during a pool party and everyone, including the neighbors, is a suspect. A satirical CSI investigation that looks at Barbies, mutilation, and the things little girls become.

8-12 person cast: actors play multiple roles Opulence, ghosts, and ash. This is Pompeii before and after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
Pulling from history, art, and science, this movement based collage piece looks at our complex and surprising reactions to disaster.

8 person cast: 4M, 4W
100 years from now a drunk god sits on a city street. People screw without meaning. People who love are sick. Because love is dead...or is it?
A futuristic modern love story about commitment, sex, and arrows.

+ One-Acts

Constellation Anna
5 person cast: 1M, 4W
Anna loves the sky. She does not love guys. Her friends just want her to settle down so they keep trying to set her up. Except the men keep meeting fates...that are not at all nice. Hopefully this new guy will be the one who survives.

Don’t Weep For Me Willow Tree
4 person cast: 2M, 2W
Bad Motives, those who give advice of the worst kind, are in recovery and they can’t leave till they grow a willow tree. Clora has done just that but she’s not ready to go.
A play about moving on and the art of screaming into jars.

Epic, the butterfly
4 person cast: 3M, 1W
Caterpillars, a garden, and a wingless butterfly named Epic. A play about insects and the embarrassment of waiting for love.

Extinguish Yourself
6 person cast, 1M, 3W
A garden party goes horribly wrong. An Emily Post catastrophe.

Static Lullaby
3 person cast: 1M, 2W
Late at night the television is on and three informercial salesmen are trying to get you to listen their crazy words and buy their stupid things. But when you fall asleep with the television on...anything can happen.

Welcome to the Fall
3 person cast: 1M, 2W
1973: A smokejumper crash lands on the property of the world’s first meteor strike survivor.
Today: Your tour guide is about to lose her mind.

Bitter Better
3 person cast: 2W, 1M
When a Scrabble game is interrupted, the battle of words begin.

+ Ten-Minute

Athena’s Homecoming
2 person cast: 1M, 1W
Red is finally home from war. She keeps painting the walls and her husband doesn’t know what she means when she says she’s “disappearing.”

BFPB for Your Goddamn Soul
2 person cast: 2M
A comedy about what happens when the ghost of Richard’s past mullet comes to haunt. An action packed story full beer guzzling, Joan Jett and the deep practice of mulleting over questions.

Paper Pusher
3 person cast: 1M, 2W
Paper eating, ripping, and sense that comes from no sense. The perfect way to go crazy during a workday.

+ Solo

Love in a Heat Death Universe
1M: 9 characters
Forecast: Absolute Chaos. To weather the storm, you must find someone...or else.
Inspired by OkCupid profiles and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

The Unfelt Wonder
1W: 5 characters
A look inside the bizarre and wicked experiment of the world’s only untouched woman.

+ Awards and Residencies

• Pushcart Prize nomination, Everything I Could Dump Into a Prologue, Exposition Review (2019)

• Vermont Studio Center, nonfiction/playwriting writing residency (January 2019)

• Finalist, Mission to (Dit)Mars, Propulsion Development Lab (2018)

• Vermont Studio Center, nonfiction writing residency (October 2017)

• Finalist, Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival (Welcome to The Fall, 2016)

• Finalist, Jerome Fellowship (2015-2016)

• Finalist, Studio 42’s Fan Slam Competition (March 2014)

• E|MERGE Interdisciplinary Collaborative Residency (Earthdance, February 2014)

• Distinguished Achievement Award in Playwriting (Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, Sera, 2010)

• Lipkin Playwriting Award (Sarah Lawrence College, 2010)